Founded in 1983, EME has strengthened its brand internationally as a leading company in the production of electromedical equipment for physiotherapy, aesthetics, and aesthetic medicine. Over time, EME has wisely merged the experience of professionals in this field, producing state-of-the-art technologies, as a result of in-depth study of new trends in applied therapy, always in combination with modern design. Today, the reliability of EME products is globally recognized and, thanks to fruitful cooperation with Italian and foreign partners, EME successfully distributes its products, all certified as 'Made in Italy', to more than 60 countries around the world. EME manages internally with 4 product lines, each focusing on its own market field. 



Conceiving and manufacturing Made in Italy technologies, investing in quality and innovation, developing state-of-the-art products that meet the needs of our partners and guarantee tangible results for patients around the world.


Give yourself a chance to feel good with our body, in health and harmony.

INNOVATION: 'Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active one' - Claude Bernard.

HUMAN RESOURCES: The first step in the process of offering high-quality products is the formation and passion of our staff. Every part is made up of professionals working in close teams.

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: We have compiled different generations, backgrounds, and markets, collecting useful information to responsibly improve the quality of life of people.

HEALTH PROTECTION: Our goal is to have a significant impact on people's health, alleviate their pain, assist them in rehabilitation, and make them feel comfortable with their body. All our offices have a Koala depollutor to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are all aware of the fact that we can do something for the environment, in our small way: starting from reducing paper material, using recycled paper, utilizing all the resources of the company.

Physical therapy

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