40 years ago, TheraBand invented and started the use of elastic resistance products with the original flat resistance band and the corresponding system of progressive resistance. The well-known yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver sequence that easily identifies exercise progression is a reliable brand mark that has built a name in resistance training and wellness products. Today, the portfolio has grown to include tubing, band loops, latex-free options, and now the revolutionary CLX Consecutive Loops. But, TheraBand does more than just assist in exercising the body and rehabilitating injuries.

TheraBand rebuilds self-confidence, restores independence, and strengthens determination. Because they know that happiness and freedom come from the ability to do what you want. That might mean climbing a mountain or using stairs without difficulty. Perhaps holding a record or a newborn grandchild. Whatever your next step, goal, or achievement is, we are here to help you surpass it. We are TheraBand!

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