— About us — 

MISSION - why we exist

Nedax d.o.o. Sarajevo exists to ensure the quality of products and services in the market it operates in, providing quality, fast, highly professional services in representation, trade, sales, and servicing of medical equipment based on the latest technologies and current standards in this field. In doing so, we create additional value for customers, owners, and the broader community, in line with our business strategy. 

VISION - what we aspire to

Nedax d.o.o. Sarajevo strives to strengthen its position and role, both in the market and in the eyes of our customers in the field of representation, sales, and servicing of medical equipment, following and applying the most modern technologies in this field, and to ensure its continued integrity and adaptability to new requirements, constantly improving the applied quality management system.​

QUALITY POLICY - how we achieve our intentions

With the aim of fulfilling our intention to strengthen our position and role, both in the market and in the eyes of our customers in the field of representation, trade, sales, and servicing of medical equipment, we have based our operations on the following general objectives:

• Application of the latest technologies and ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of products, services, and processes, to further build business success and develop our core activities,,

• Recognizing all needs, expectations, and demands of customers, fulfilling them, and focusing on the continuous increase of customer satisfaction, with mutual communication, exchange of experiences, knowledge, and solving problems together, 

• Application of the latest valid international and national standards, regulations, and technologies, as well as the requirements of ISO 9001 standards and their continuous improvement,

• Constant monitoring of business processes to eliminate causes of potential quality reduction in services,

• Ensuring that customers and the broader community use high-quality products and services, applying professional, expert, and uncompromising work, 

• Ensuring partnership relations with suppliers, and constantly improving established relations with them on a long-term basis to ensure continuity and quality in work, 

• Enabling further education for employees, training, and application of procedures that support accurate, reliable, and efficient work with the aim of ensuring and increasing the expertise and competence of employees, 

• Ensuring additional value to all interested parties: owners, employees, customers, and the broader social community.